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Augusta 2020 Sale Results

Held January 25, 2020

53 Horses Consigned (44 After the Scratched Lots)

33 Sold $207,100 Net, $6,275.76 Average

  1. She's A Bad Bama Jama $3,000

    (2018 sorrel f) (Bamacat x HH Ginney Rey x Duel Rey) Home Place Horse and Cattle; Travis Newman

  2. Bet Shes Pink $4,800

    (2018 sorrel f) (Bet Hesa Cat x Pinkolena x Peptoboonsmal) William Morris III; Ken Sharpe

  3. Sheza Ruby Spoonful $12,500

    (2007 red roan m) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Dancin Ruby Lena x Smart Little Lena) George and Kathy Reeves; Diane Reeves

  4. A Whittle Star Cat $15,600

    (2014 red roan g) (High Brow Cat x A Whittle Relief x Peptoboonsmal) Mark Senn; George Bongiorno

  5. Majestic Lil Peppy $3,700

    (2005 chestnut m) (Skeets Peppy x Joettes Okie Paul x Okie Paul Quixote) A W Combs; Lindsey Parker

  6. Theheartofrocknroll RNA

    (4-16-18 bay roan f) (Stevie Rey Von x Give Back My Heart x Smart Little Lena) Sherry Mills

  7. Esr Boaz RNA

    (2-24-18 f) (Metallic Cat x Dual Miss Lilly x Dual Pep) Chip Atkinson

  8. Cisco $3,400

    (2013 bay g) A W Combs; Justin Ethridge

  9. Glo A Little Smarter RNA

    (2004 sorrel m) (King Glo Solano x Smart Little Trona x Smart Little Lena) Neely Farms

  10. Smart Oleta $5,700

    (2004 sorrel m) (Smart Little Lena x Oleta Playgirl x Freckles Playboy) Lauren Leslie; Randy Litlucks

  11. Pjshinin Royal Chex $6,400

    (2011 Palomino g) (Shiny Player x Roayl Nette x Royal Royales Cutter) Tommy Hill; Jason Whitaker

  12. Cattin Freddie Rey $6,400

    (2016 chestnut g) (RS Cats Starlight x TR Lena Rey x TR Dual Rey)Danny Lee; Rachel Cobb

  13. Smart Powder Badger Scratch

    (2009 bay g) (Smart Sugar Badger x Shes All Powder x Powder River Playboy) James Davis

  14. Zan Doc Vix $3,000

    (2003 sorrel g) (Zan Doc Lynx x Apollo Trixie x Apollo Reid) John A. Griswell; Lindsey Parker

  15. Hes Pretty Tuff $6,800

    (3-26-18 sorrel c) (Woody Be Tuff x CR Shes Uh Secret x Peptoboonsmal) William Morris III; Mary Choate

  16. Vp Vipees Pep RNA

    (2005 black g) (Haidas Viper x Miss Sandradell x San Jo Lena) A W Combs

  17. Boonshine Man $12,300

    (2009 sorrel g) (Dualin Boon x Sparkle N Play x Freckles Playboy) Kenny and Peggy Oettinger; Tommy Haralson

  18. Ear N A Hat RNA

    (2008 sorrel g) (Cat N A Hat x Ear A Little x Bob Freckle) Biff Barrier

  19. A Smooth Trigger RNA

    (2012 gray g) (Playin Strait x Freckles 952 x Freckles Gigolo) Wayne Moon

  20. Suenami $3,500

    (2-1-18 chestnut f) (Boon Too Suen x Sixes CD x CD Olena) Home Place Horse and Cattle; William Morris III

  21. Playboys Stylin $9,600

    (2015 red dun g) (Stylin Cat x Jessie New Player x A New Player) Kaythryn Conner; Bob Smith

  22. Walleote Wiz $9,200

    (2011 red dun g) (Walla Walla Whiz x Abbyote x Abrakadabracre) Ted and Nancy Turner; Cooper Smith

  23. Cashbooncat RNA

    (2014 sorrel m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Cashroanie x Cash Quixote Rio) Ronnie and Cindy Hodges

  24. Creeks Baramaid $800

    (2019 sorrel f) (MLG Good Peppy x WWR Kings Barmaid x Gist Fifty King) William Morris III; Truman Owens

  25. Go Chairman Jack $9,200

    (2015 sorrel g) (Justa Genuine Jack x HA Go Chairman Go x Im Chairman)Danny Lee; Dickey Maraman

  26. Quixotes Lil Darling Scratch

    (2004 Chestnut m) (Quixote Mac x Dual Peps Darling x Dual Pep) Wayne Moon

  27. To Rey Chick RNA

    (2016 sorrel f) (TR Dual Rey x Im A Peptorey x Peptoboonsmal) J.C. Jackman

  28. Sweet Little Tootsie $11,000

    (2015 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Tootsie Rey x Dual Rey) George and Kathy Reeves; Carolyn Schilling

  29. CF Ruff As Cobb $5,100

    (2017 sorrel c) (Cat Ichi x Smart Like Peptolena x Smart Little Lena) Ted and Nancy Turner; Houston Towne

  30. Dollar Scratch

    (2010 sorrel g) Wayne Moon

  31. Ichipie $9,700

    (2014 sorrel g) (Cat Ichi x Tronapie x Smokin Trona) Ronnie and Cindy Hodges; Kiah Eubanks

  32. That Scalded Cat $9,700

    (2010 sorrel m) (That Sly Cat x Jaebars Starlet x Smart Little Jaebar) Chase Lackey; Randy Hucks

  33. Name Pending Scratch

    (2019 sorrel c) (Legally Blue x Dees Charley Girl x ITS JUST ABOUT ME) Earl Driggers

  34. Miss Cat Kimleng $3,300

    (2019 sorrel c) (Wagon Stake x Miss Cat Kimlena x Smooth As A Cat) William Morris III; Flo Hix

  35. Frame N Out The Trona $6,300

    (2018 sorrel c) (Little Trona x Anna Frame x Cats Mirada) Neely Farms; Jade Nobles

  36. Keeps Smooth Hickory $4,400

    (2012 bay m) (Hes Playingforkeeps x Creeks Miss Smoothie x Wheeling Peppy) Ronnie Wynn; Rick Boulis

  37. Jeeps Genuine Angel $4,600

    (2007 sorrel m) (Genuine Jeep x Instant Angel x SR Instant Choice) A W Combs; Amanda Singleton

  38. A Nifty Dual Choice RNA

    (2014 gray g) (Seven S Frosty x Vanan Madera x Yb Madera Dual) Scotty Cambell;

  39. Reydium $5,500

    (2017 sorrel c) (Reydioactive x Tronomatic x Little Trona) Teri Arney; Lisa McCurry

  40. Miss Creekified $1,800

    (5-4-18 sorrel f) (Creeks Smart Lena x Catified x High Brow Cat) William Morris III; Stacey Edwards

  41. L X Bee Last Chex RNA

    (2011 bay g) (Fritz Olena Chex Out x Lx Last Bee x Dusters Jeremy) Wayne Moon

  42. Crash The Crystal $4,000

    (2006 Chestnut m) (Peppys Music Maker x Im A Lucky Ole Dude x That's My Pop) Mike Harsh; William Platt

  43. Four Gill 92 Scratch

    (2010 blue roan g) (Four Gill x Four Seat Spring x Figure Four Fritz) A W Combs

  44. Name Pending Scratch

    (2019 sorrel f) (legally Blue x Chunks CD x CD Olena) Earl Driggers

  45. Alejandra $5,400

    (3-1-18 chestnut f) (Little Trona x Glo A Little Smarter x King Glo Smarter) Neely Farms; Flo Hix

  46. June $4,500

    (2012 sorrel m) Scotty Cambell; Patricia Boulis

  47. Miss Gin Smoothie $3,400

    (1998 sorrel m) (Wheeling Peppy x Sip O Gin x Tanquery Gin) William Morris III; Tony Castellitto

  48. Ace In The Sand Scratch

    (3-29-18 black f) (Aces Smooth x Prettiful Sand x Heidhigh Brow) J.C. Jackman

  49. Spots Hot Momma RNA

    (2016 sorrel f) (Spots Hot x Skylines Smarty x Mr Skyline Peppy) Thomas Kaier

  50. Miss Cotta Boon $8,200

    (5-14-18 sorrel f) (Cattalou x Panolas Sugar Boon x Peptoboonsmal) William Morris III; Flo Hix

  51. Grover Scratch

    (2008 blue roan g) A W Combs

  52. Smokin Gracie $4,300

    (2007 sorrel m) ( Nevs Playboy Trona x Smart Smokin Monday x The Smart Smoke) A W Combs; Lindsey Parker

  53. Cowboy Blue Freckles Scratch

    (2010 blue roan s) (Redmans Blue Cowboy x Bonette Freckles x Paco Hotrodder) Greg Rhodes

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